Video Screening

Make your recruitment process better​

Relax and let Video Screening take away the headaches of accessing candidates

With our all-inclusive, one-way Video Screening module, In-House Recruiters and Hiring Managers can assess candidates in a more flexible way.​

Reduce your recruitment costs and results from the get-go​

• Significantly reduces recruitment costs and time-to-hire
• Improves workload by reducing screening times
• Eliminates first round interviews
• Engages hiring managers with candidates faster
• Integrated into the Vacancy Filler Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and available at zero cost

Accelerate your time to hire with great functionality​

• Simpler application to interview process
• Custom-built, unlimited questions with timing restrictions
• Set your own response criteria
• Customer branded interface and emails
• Consolidates applications, video interviews and emails
• Mobile-first and viewable by multiple users

Enhance candidate experience​

• Plan and prepare responses
• Eliminates candidate-first interview stress factor
• Candidates are able to better show their personality
• No requirement for candidates to take any time off work
• No travel costs for candidates
• Enables candidates to record videos in their convenient place and time
• Download direct from the App Store or Google Play and be ready to record in minutes

Showcase your brand​

• Fully branded company app
• Showcase your brand early in the recruitment process
• Branded interface and emails

See how you could use video screening for better recruitment