Let your candidates know

they made the right choice


Digitally control your onboarding to create
a memorable stress-free experience every time.


Make every new starters’ first day be the best it possibly can by getting them up to speed with your business while automatically gathering their information for your HR team.

Welcome your new talent

Welcome new starters into your business with branded customisable offer letters and digital contracts allowing your talent to read and sign all their documents from the comfort of their home.

  • Customisable digital offer templates
  • Unlimited attachments and documents
  • Digital contracts
  • E-signatures
Candidate Offer Letter
Candidate Onboarding App

Make them feel like part of the team

Reduce first-day nerves with an outstanding automated onboarding experience that gives new hires full access to all the forms they need to fill in, company documentation, policies, training guides, an internal social newsfeed, as well as videos and other media to help them get acquainted with your business.

  • Automated onboarding experience
  • Company social media newsfeed
  • Digital company documentation & resources

Automatically gather new starter information

Automate your Hiring Manager’s Induction checklist and set tasks to ensure a compliant and consistent process. While your Applicant Tracking System automatically reads, stores, and organises new starter information including references and DBS checks, into your HCM and Payroll systems.

  • Automated reference requests
  • Automated DBS checks
  • GDPR Compliant
  • HCM & payroll integration
  • Automated induction checklists
Automatically Capture Candidate Data
Aldi Case Study
“The whole process is a lot more efficient; administration has been reduced, we’re able to respond to candidates quicker and their whole experience of the recruitment process is more engaging.”
Kelly Stokes, Recruitment Director at Aldi Stores UK
Burton And South Derbyshire College Case Study
“Our hiring manager no longer prints off and carries around candidates’ details, they login to the system to shortlist. This is timelier, more secure and saves paper too!”
Sarah Trouse, HR Officer, Burton And South Derbyshire College
Stonbury Case Study
“It was very obvious that we would benefit from purchasing the Candidate Onboarding module. Our current process with Vacancy Filler’s ATS has proved to be perfect for us, and it made sense to implement other modules that integrate with each other to create a truly, end-to-end recruitment process.”
Loraine Thomas, HR Manager, Stonbury

Create memorable onboarding experiences

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