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How much information about working for your company is listed on your careers page?

We have a video on our page with more company information on each job

We don’t have a careers page/site or None

Each job explains a little about the company

We provide a detailed description as to what it is like to work for us and our culture


When you have a role that you have recruited for in the past, how do you contact the suitable candidates who applied last time but fell short?

We can’t, we just re-advertise

We have a folder of CVs on a computer that we can all search through

I save good candidates in a folder in my email

We have a system that stores relevant applicants from past roles that are searchable


How do candidates apply for your vacancies?

We have an online application form or a CV upload option that goes into an ATS

They post/ email/ fax or hand in their CV's

We have a downloadable application form they print off, fill in and scan back to us

We have a choice of CV upload, application form or a combination of both that goes into an ATS


How do you notify unsuitable candidates that they have been unsuccessful?

They are automatically informed in real-time as they are deemed unsuccessful at any point in the hiring process

We don’t tell them

We inform everyone who was unsuccessful at the end of the recruitment campaign

We state in the advert that if they do not receive a response in X days they can assume they have been unsuccessful


How do you transfer new hire information to your internal HR/Payroll system?

Because the information is in digital format already, we copy and paste each section into the system to avoid errors

We download the information to CSV file and upload it directly into the system

We manually enter it into the system by copying the information from the documents

Our recruitment system is linked to our HR/Payroll system and the information transfers across at the click of a button


When do your new hires start their induction process?

We don’t have a set induction process

We email some information over to them so that they can read up and get prepared before their start date

They start it on their first day

We have a system where they can start their induction process and engage with new employees from the second they accept the job


Can new hires access induction material and when?

We don’t have induction material

It is emailed to them so that they can access it when they wish

It’s on a central system that is kept up to date and can be accessed at any time from any device

They are given it on day one

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