Manage & Analyse

Gain better insights to make better decisions

Manage channels and analytics to steer and optimise recruitment


The ability to report and analyse your recruitment will make your HR more efficient, productive and help you explore areas to improve.

Vacancy Filler enables you to create the dashboards that you need, in real-time, to help improve your recruitment and plan for your future.

How Vacancy Filler helps you Manage & Analyse

Create Self-service dashboards & customised widgets to meet your needs

Insight into your Candidate sourcing channels ROI to monitor performance and best channels to use

Review your agencies by Campaign (costs and performance) and set KPI’s for future monitoring

Provide operational & scheduled reports, KPI’s & drill-down data to key stakeholders

Demonstrate your Diversity & Equal Opportunities goals

Interview and Exit management reporting to improve internal processes

Gain real-time visibility of your Campaign performance

Generate analytics to set KPI’s and benchmarks for your time and cost to hire objectives

Gain a deeper understanding of your Talent Pool Candidates by segmenting your data

Review your historical data and deliver trend analysis

Report on System Usage