Employee Induction

Effective Induction

Hit the ground running and reduce the load on your Hiring Managers


We bridge the communication gap for new employees, from offer to start date and makes Inducting new employees effortless for Hiring Managers.

Equipped  with many automated features, you will be able to digitise your Induction Check-List and provide your new hires with an engaging and exciting experience.

How Vacancy Filler helps your Employee Induction

A fully branded and customised platform, to keep your new starters enthusiastic during the Welcome Process

Automate your Hiring Manager’s Induction Check-list and set tasks (eg Line-Manager call)

Provide your new recruits with a fully automated and engaging Induction process, using multiple routes (in-messaging, SMS, emails, push notifications and newsfeed)

Connect all your Teams, Hiring Managers and Stakeholders so that they can to deliver a consistent message to your recruits

Use the Social Newsfeed to get your new hires communicating with employees before starting

Give new recruits access to your Digital Library to review corporate policies, documents and media (such as GDPR, H&S, NDA etc)

Measure the effectiveness of your communications

Mobile-friendly Induction

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