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Since inception, Vacancy Filler has been helping recruiters recruit faster and better but now we are taking it to the next level, so that recruiters can practically automate anything and everything in their recruitment process through recruitment automation. And you’re not just limited to candidates, you can build workflow automation for Hiring Managers and any … Continued

Vacancy Filler announces new strategic hire

We’re delighted to announce the appointment of a new strategic hire to boost our charge into the enterprise market. Former MHR iTrent Global Sales & Marketing Director, Richard Thomas joins the company as Sales Director to be responsible for taking Vacancy Filler into the next chapter of its ambitious development plans and aspirations of becoming … Continued

The Secret To Detecting Duplicate Candidates

How Do I Find Duplicate Candidates? How long have recruiters been painfully trying to locate duplicate candidates within their ATS? Well… since ATS’ were invented really.  The challenge for recruiters is how can they find duplicate candidates when agencies anonymise candidates CV?  As a recruiter: Do you have a way of identifying a “serial applicant”? … Continued

Video Screening | The Norm for Recruitment but which is right for me?

There’s no denying that Video Screening is now the norm in the world of recruitment. It’s gone beyond being just a cool tool to show off your companies hip side. Some would say it is now a necessity for recruiters and hiring managers – with added benefits of course!  However, recruiters have so many different … Continued

Get more exposure for FREE with Facebook Jobs

Facebook is used by over 90 Million businesses and over 2 billion people every month, so why not let your campaigns to come life (again and again and again…..) By using Facebook Jobs, your adverts will be on the screens of New, Active and Passive candidates like never before. Therefore helping you to source talent … Continued

A Quick Snapshot of Recruitment Automation

Automation has landed with a bang across the recruitment landscape  Recruitment automation is fast becoming one of the hot topics for recruiters and boy is it making a splash!! So, what is all the fuss about?  In short, automation is a game-changer! It will transform the way companies hire as it enables the creation of … Continued