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Get more exposure for FREE with Facebook Jobs

Facebook is used by over 90 Million businesses and over 2 billion people every month, so why not let your campaigns to come life (again and again and again…..) By using Facebook Jobs, your adverts will be on the screens of New, Active and Passive candidates like never before. Therefore helping you to source talent … Continued

A Quick Snapshot of Recruitment Automation

Automation has landed with a bang across the recruitment landscape  Recruitment automation is fast becoming one of the hot topics for recruiters and boy is it making a splash!! So, what is all the fuss about?  In short, automation is a game-changer! It will transform the way companies hire as it enables the creation of … Continued

Why IT resilience is vital in these changing times

It’s highly likely that the outcome of Covid-19 pandemic will make a significant impact on the recruitment software industry.  Many organisations have simply stopped recruiting.  Of those, some will take the opportunity to improve internal business processes including their approach to recruitment and some will see it as an opportunity to get their house in … Continued

Clap For Our Carers

We would all like to say a massive thank you to NHS England there isn’t a single one of our lives that hasn’t been improved by your services at some point. You have helped our loved ones, our friends and us directly. So thank you to everyone in the NHS and everyone on the front lines during … Continued

Remote Recruitment: How our customers have adapted

At a time when digital recruitment processes have never been more valuable, we though we’d share how we are supporting our customers through this challenging period.  The majority of our customers still have vital roles that need to be filled over the coming months.  Formal processes still need to be followed with compliance obtained and … Continued

How to hit your diversity goals and eradicate unconscious bias

Increased productivity, innovation, and income are just a few of the benefits associated with diversity in the workplace. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise then to discover that 85% of employers taking part in a recent Robert Walters survey claimed diversity to be a key business priority.  However, it’s clear that more needs … Continued