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Recruit the best talent to your organisation with our technology-led recruitment solution

candidate attraction

Using proven best-practices, developed over 10 years, we have worked with customers from a range of sectors, designing recruitment solutions made up of both software and services to overcome their individual challenges.

application management

Our paperless solution makes tracking and communicating with candidates, simple.

candidate selection

Our ATS helps your recruitment team to find the right candidate for your company.

candidate onboarding

Our structured solution helps turn shortlisted candidates into committed employees.

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Our expandable product suite, tailored to your exact needs

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product suite
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“We use Vacancy Filler to manage the recruitment for our Multi Academy Trust. It has saved us hours of time and made the process of managing recruitment centrally, much more effective.”
Torch Academy Trust

Step 1:
Candidate Attraction

Why can’t I attract the right staff?

Careers Page/Site

A poor recruitment journey and an off-brand careers page can quickly ‘turn off’ your applicants. If you don’t have an intuitive and mobile-optimised application process, then it’s likely that you are already losing out on potential employees.

We design, and build, fully-branded careers pages that integrate with your existing website and act as a central point for potential employees to search and apply for your current vacancies.

Step 2:
Application Management

How do I reduce the time it takes to manage applications


Centralised platform

One of the biggest consumers of time is changing task – so when hiring, if you’re having to flit between paper applications, CVs in your inbox and phone calls from recruiters, not to mention the recommendations handed to you on post-it notes from existing employees, the time spent managing applications soon mounts up!

With our ATS, we centralise the promotion of your job adverts and the management of your applications by giving you the control to decide the format in which candidates can apply.

Additional Support

In addition to managing and shortlisting all of the applications, you are also responsible for assisting your candidates during the application process, should they come into technical difficulty.

If your application process is not easy to follow or well-optimised, it is likely that you are going to be inundated with phone calls asking for alternative methods to apply.

With a combination of our Recruitment Services and Support teams, your candidates will receive unlimited technical support to help them through their application process.

“Vacancy Filler is a good product which is easy to use with extremely helpful staff who are always willing to help and assist.”
Capel Manor College

Step 3:
Candidate Selection

Is there a more effective way to progress my shortlisted candidates?

Interview Management

Both arranging and changing interview slots can be time-consuming, not to mention confusing for the candidate. Poor management of this process can taint the candidate’s journey with you and leave a bad impression.

Using our self-service interview module puts the control in the hands of your candidate, so not only can you save your HR team the stress of rearranging interviews, but you make it an easier and more enjoyable process for the candidate.

Managed Campaigns

For organisations with a small recruitment team, or for those who experience seasonal peaks in hiring, effectively managing the shortlisting and interviewing process, whilst maintaining the expected levels of communication, can become extremely difficult.

Our dedicated team of recruiters act as an extension to your HR/Hiring team. With our recruitment knowledge and experience, we provide additional support to help reduce the time and stress of managing candidates through the application process.

Step 4:
Candidate Onboarding

Is there a more efficient alternative to a paper-based onboarding and induction process?

Job Offers

At the point of job offer, speed is key. Sometimes your first-choice candidate rejects your offer, so you need to act quickly in order to secure your second-choice candidate.

With our Candidate Onboarding module, we allow your candidates to accept or reject a job offer online, as well as completing digital forms and processing personal details – all of which can be done in literally minutes, and you can have a response equally as fast.

Induct New Hires

When a new employee joins your organisation, they have to get to grips with your company and its culture, get to know their team, and start to learn what their current projects are – so it can take a number of weeks before they start adding value to your business.

With our Induction App, we enable you to complete most of these formalities before the candidate’s start date, so that when your new hire arrives on day one, they are adding value straight away.

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Our easy discovery session will help you
see exactly what Vacancy Filler does
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