Onboard new hires and start the induction process before their start date

Streamline the job offering process

Our Candidate Onboarding module can integrate with your 3rd party HR system so that you can make your onboarding process more efficient.

Using the Onboarding module, you can send job offers out electronically, get signatures for contracts digitally and, before a new hire’s start date, you begin their induction process via your very own, fully-branded, mobile app.

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diagram careers onboarding
diagram careers onboarding
“Vacancy Fillers system has streamlined our recruitment process providing an audit trail and helping us transition from a paper/ emailed based system to online. Once you have learnt the system it is straightforward and new features are being worked on all the time”.
First Choice Homes Oldham

Linking your Onboarding process to your ATS will improve the candidate experience and reduce lost candidates

Don’t forget about your new hire

A poorly designed onboarding process can actually make your new hire question whether or not they have made the right decision.

Unfortunately, many organisations stop the onboarding process upon job offer and do not make contact again until the new hire’s start date.

During this time, your new hire could be feeling disheartened and ‘out of the loop’, leading them to keep their options open should another organisation make a counter-offer.

“I know Vacancy Filler have much larger clients than us, and yet we are never made to feel like this is the case. We have always been given a tremendous level of support and are very patient with us, especially when we went through an internal process to assign the budget for the project. The team are very helpful and have been since the initial set-up, and they are always extremely quick at responding to queries. We are really happy with the software and would definitely recommend – for the functionality and the support that comes with it. It has certainly saved us a lot of time, and means we have more meaningful data from which to make recruitment decisions.”
Search Laboratory

Make good on the promises made to your new hire at interview

Onboarding and induction made easy for both candidate and company

Using the Candidate Onboarding module, you can digitise your contracts and forms to automate your onboarding and induction process.

With the mobile app, you will be able to give your new hires a real-life taste of your organisation’s culture before their start date whilst making it possible to communicate with their new team on an on-going basis.

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