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Your own beautiful careers page underpinned by our recruitment technology

Recruit better with our careers hub 

The Careers Hub provides everything you need to promote your brand and culture, along with your vacancies. With a choice of add-ons, recruiting the right staff for your organisation is made simple.

A core part of the Careers Hub is the Careers Page. We design and build fully-branded careers pages that integrate with your existing website and act as a central point for potential employees to search and apply for your current vacancies.

With a Vacancy Filler solution, your brand doesn’t disappear at your careers page, it becomes a tool that strengthens your employer brand and provides a positive candidate experience, every time.


Get found on Google Jobs with the Careers Hub

Organisations that appear on Google Jobs get the best results

Google is searched by millions of job seekers every day, so, in order to compete for the best talent, your vacancies need to be easy to find.

We know the organisations that appear on Google Jobs get results. It’s for this reason that, when we create a brand new careers page or integrate with an existing careers page, we optimise each page to be found by Google’s Web Crawler, and get those jobs listed on Google.

Failing to optimise your careers page means that Google won’t scrape your jobs; this will result in less web traffic and, ultimately, fewer applications to your vacancies.

Our Careers Hub solves this problem for you. You can find out how it all works with a free call.

A solution for multi-brand, multi-location, and multi-role organisations

Are you an organisation with multiple brands and multiple locations, or do you have a consistently high number of vacancies listed on your website?

For many organisations, maintaining individual brand identity when hiring, whilst still being able to leverage the strength of the ‘group’, is simply not possible.

Our technology has created a new and more effective way to recruit; by leading with your brand, your values, and the candidate experience, we can guarantee cost savings, time savings, and an increase in candidate quality.

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Smartfeed Integration​


Smartfeed Integration​


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Job Board Posting


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"Vacancy Filler allows us to communicate with numerous applicants at once, and ensures we are able to acknowledge applications and arrange interviews with a few simple clicks. Customer support are always able to help and suggest new ways of working, cutting down on our administration time. There are continuous improvements and fresh ideas."​
British Sugar

43% of businesses surveyed by social enterprise, Access Generation, had a very poor or no job section on their website

Don’t let your careers page let you down

Most organisations have a careers page, but a surprisingly high number of those careers pages are ineffective and even damaging to an organisation’s ability to attract new talent.

A disjointed brand between the main website and the careers page is one of the main reasons potential employees leave a site without applying.

Ultimately, this means you have a smaller pool of talent to choose from and could even result in less-suited candidates.

Your careers page plays a huge role in attracting the right staff and growing your organisation.

“The Vacancy Filler product made an immediate and effective impact on simplifying, improving processes and procedures in relation to recruitment. It is user-friendly and easy to use, and it has been an asset to both HR personnel and all other users.”
Ann Marie
Renfrewshire Leisure

Over 2.7 billion people use social media, so why would you not want to be socially present?

Put the careers hub in your recruitment toolbox

Not only will you benefit from a fully-branded careers page, or an integration to your existing careers page, but you will be able to share your vacancies to Facebook via our Facebook Integration tool, as well as being able to post to an array of job boards to advertise your roles. In addition to this, you will have access to your own, branded Applicant Gateway; designed to make Subject Access Requests a self-service process and GDPR compliancy a whole lot simpler.

Our careers hub will make your careers page mobile-friendly and accessible from any device, giving you maximum exposure for all of your vacancies.

This can all be done without the need for an ‘IT Wizard’ and you can be live in as little as 14 days.

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