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We created a recruitment solution to solve our own hiring problems

We were once frustrated with finding good people

Vacancy Filler was created by CEO and founder, Alex Khakbiz. Alex was getting frustrated with finding and keeping good people to help grow his business, whilst remaining cost-effective.

Alex already had a number of years’ experience in the IT and Education sectors but realised that there was no solution on the market that met the existing recruitment needs of businesses.

So Alex partnered with skilled developer, Mitesh Chauhan, and they started working on an idea that allowed businesses the option to side-step recruitment agencies and recruit effectively from within.

From there the business went from strength to strength, helping hundreds of organisations of all shapes and sizes to take back the control of their own recruitment processes.

We’re an Award Winning Organisation

We don’t just solve recruitment problems for businesses, we win awards for doing it, too.


Our mission is to empower in-house recruitment teams to take
control of their company’s growth

Vacancy Filler’s company vision is to provide world-class, state of the art Recruitment Software and Services to in-house HR and recruitment teams and in doing so, make our clients’ recruitment and induction process more effective and more efficient.

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by being technically proficient, experienced in both the private and public sectors with capabilities to provide standard recruitment solutions at a fixed-price in both high and low volume markets.

We focus on providing repeatable and scalable standard recruitment processes by offering advice and guidance to our customers on recruitment best practice.

Our “Recruit to Retain” strap-line says exactly that, in that losing candidates at any point during the recruitment process or new employees in the early months of starting a new job, is costly and highly disruptive for any customer and puts further pressure on their recruitment needs.

We do this by providing an end-to-end recruitment solution from attraction through to onboarding and induction.

We promote our customers’ organisations through compelling and engaging careers pages complemented by a range of Job Board advertising and Recruitment Service options.

We then manage their applicants through a collaborative online hiring process using a variety of different and sector-specific, optional processes to the point of job offer. We automate the job offer and candidate onboarding process by generating online contracts of employment and capturing new starter information.

We then minimise the likelihood of “no-shows” by keeping in touch with those new appointees by beginning the induction process whilst they work their notice period with their existing employer, using our mobile enabled multi-communication platform.

For those customers who do not already have a staff engagement solution, our product can be easily extended to provide interactive, multi-way communication for social, training, appraisal and monitoring purposes for existing employees using their own mobile devices.

For in-house recruiters, who either lack resource or experience, we provide a range of Recruitment Services from simple candidate technical support through to providing a semi or fully managed Recruitment Service as a low-cost alternative to job agencies underpinned by our software acting as if we are the customer’s own recruiters.

This provides real-time transparency and collaboration with all stakeholders involved in the hiring process.

The management team behind the vision

Alex Khakbiz

Alex Khakbiz


Mitesh Chauhan

Mitesh Chauhan

Technical Director

Tony Brookes

Tony Brookes

Sales Director


Rob Pointen

Finance Director

Jon Brookes

Jon Brookes


Daniel Woodcock

Daniel Woodcock

Operations Director

Richard Ford

Richard Ford

Office Manager

Richard Faulkner

Richard Faulkner

Lead Developer

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