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Vacancy Filler was started back in 2008 by CEO and founder, Alex Khakbiz, who was frustrated with finding and keeping good people to help grow his business.

Determined that there should be a simpler way to view and store incoming CV’s, shortlist candidates and schedule interviews, Alex teamed up with the skilled developer, Mitesh Chauhan to turn his vision into a something more tangible hence, Vacancy Filler was born!

Initially, they started working on the premise that allowed businesses the option to side-step recruitment agencies and recruit effectively from within and from there it has developed into an industry-leading end-to-end recruitment software.

Today, Vacancy Filler is still growing and continues to break new ground with cutting edge features and functionality.

Our service and support success underpins our vision and that’s why hundreds of customers now enjoy the recruitment benefits achieved with Vacancy Filler.

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