Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Vacancy Filler


Vacancy Filler aims to not just meet, but exceed the service, delivery and performance expectations of our Customers. We aim for 99.99% uptime and provide SLAs in our contract.

No, as we are the author of our own technology, everything we offer is all inclusive. You will not have to pay for any additional storage or usage of our software.

No limit at all! Vacancy Filler provides a completely unlimited user license for all of our Customers. You’re also able to control access levels so you can regulate what vacancies your users see and what functionality they have access to.

No. Unfortunately, our system is not multi-lingual.

At Vacancy Filler, we are committed to embracing the latest technologies and security practices to ensure the best user experience in order to do this and to ensure the best experience possible we recommend using the most up-to-date version of one of the following browsers.

In order to allow the highest standards of security, we can only support browsers that regularly receive security updates from their publisher.

* Please be aware that support for Internet Explorer on Windows 7 is ending on January 14, 2020.

Also, please note that other browsers, whilst not officially supported, may work with little or no issue.

Vacancy Filler act as the Data Processor. You would be the Data Controller and we effectively act under your instruction. Vacancy Filler has no interest whatsoever in your candidate data, we don’t sell it on, we don’t market to your candidates and we do nothing except ensure you have full control and access over your data to make the decisions you need to make.

Of course, your data lives within Vacancy Filler for your desired retention period, whether you want to export the data to pass across to your HR/Payroll system for reporting purposes.  If you capture data, then we can export it.

This depends on what data and on what scale. Whilst we can mass import data for things such as user credentials and multiple locations during the implementation process, there are a few things we can’t import. One of the things you can import is your existing CV’s – especially useful if you want to keep your existing Talent Pool when you move across to Vacancy Filler.

If you’re thinking about bringing data over to Vacancy Filler, let’s have a chat.

Absolutely, System Security is paramount for any Cloud Provider – especially when you are processing sensitive data. We regularly go through internal security tests and have an annual procedure where we have experts try and hack into our system to ensure the integrity of Vacancy Filler is maintained (penetration testing). All data processed through Vacancy Filler is also encrypted in transit and at rest (when candidates are saving data and when it’s saved in the database) so it’s near impossible for a data breach.

Vacancy Filler is 100% responsive in design and many organisations uses the software on mobile and tablet devices. With over 70% of applications beginning on a mobile device, it’s imperative that we ensure we continue to develop our software with a “mobile first” approach – for both candidates and users of Vacancy Filler.

We really hope this scenario doesn’t happen, but we fully understand that sometimes it’s unavoidable! We’re not going to make it difficult or charge you a ridiculous amount to have access to your own data, so we can provide an export of data at the time of de-implementation for you to import into your new system (as long as it accepts mass imports).

Yes, Vacancy Filler supports multiple brands by allowing multiple “entities” to be tied together under one umbrella organisation. Each company within the Umbrella can maintain its own brand identity, email templates, adverts, users, etc. while still providing “Group Users” control and a view of group wide KPI’s.

Yes. Templates can be created for this and either include it as part of the Job Offer email or as a separate email once the candidate has accepted.

This information is configured as part of the implementation project and tailored to you.  Personal details as captured as standard.  Any personal data we have so far would automatically pre-populate the new starter forms.

Yes, the software can generate offer letters.  You can also have an unlimited number of offer letter templates for all your use cases.

The audit trail is stored against the candidates record and can be accessed at any time by a user with the right access levels. This is stored for the agreed retention period (usually 6-12 months).

Not currently but we’re introducing a workflow engine which will allow you to automate this, along with other manual tasks you may be doing.

Yes, it’s imperative that you are notified when a candidate has completed such an important stage of the process, so the system will send you an email notification as soon as the candidate has completed their New Starter forms.

No. We’ve done away with the issues that most companies have when implementing an ATS such as forgotten passwords. Instead, we simply send an email to the candidate with a unique link. This ensures it’s as secure as someone’s email.

The average implementation is around 4-6 weeks and is configurable to fit your unique recruitment process and requirements of course! We’ve been known to implement the complete software in as little as 2 weeks. Whether your current system has a cut-off date or whether you want to roll-out the software slowly, we’re here to work at your pace.

This is one thing we don’t offer unfortunately.  Due to unparalleled configurability of the platform, there are some setup items that are fundamental to an environment and a trial would cost too much for us to offer. However, we do have some cost-effective options for you to get a taste of the software before you commit.


We have a team full of experts who are always on hand to help with any day-to-day questions you may have.  Our Support Team are first port of call for all Customers; however, you’ll also be assigned a dedicated Account Manager who’ll be able to help with your queries.

Our support team are here to assist your recruitment team and they provide first line support to all your candidates via email and live chat.

Vacancy Filler provides onsite and remote training packages for all Customers. Whether you are new to Vacancy Filler and need full software training or if you have a new member of the HR/Recruitment team or a Hiring Manager that just needs a refresh, we can take the burden away.


We understand your agencies are integral part of your recruitment process and our system allows you to on-board your agencies to submit the CVs. Our system also provides the flexibility for you to post any roles to your selected agencies.


Of course, Vacancy Filler integrates to over 70+ Job Boards using our own technology. This means you don’t have to pay extra for a third-party multi-poster like Broadbean. Here you can find the full list of Job Boards.

If you use a Job Board that isn’t on this list and want to be able to post to it, let’s have a chat to see if it’s possible.

Yes, Vacancy Filler has a number of open API’s for different use cases. Whether you’re looking to integrate Vacancy Filler with your internal systems or wanting to extract data for reporting purposes – get in touch to discuss the best option for you.

There has been so many over the years, but we have integrated with HR/Payroll systems from most of the leading software providers, such as Midland HR (MHR), PeopleSoft etc.  We also have a Data Export tool which can be scheduled for automatic data transfer to almost any other system.