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Vacancy Filler automates your entire recruitment process from request to recruit to induction and gives your talent the very best candidate experience.

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Great companies use Vacancy Filler

See how Vacancy Filler is helping recruiters and hiring managers to save time and money whilst elevating their brand, reducing workload, onboarding with ease and more importantly, providing their candidates with an altogether engaging experience.

Aldi UK
"We are now able to take a more holistic approach to our recruitment which allows us to forward-plan our people requirements more effectively for the next 12 months"
Kelly Stokes, Recruitment Director at Aldi Stores UK
“Missguided now has a website brand and communications that enables it to be perceived by candidates as standing head and shoulders above the rest”
David Smith, Talent Acquisition Lead, Missguided
Chester Zoo
“It is important for the recruitment team to consider the candidate journey when recruiting at the zoo as they strive to ensure every candidate has a fantastic recruitment experience”
Jenny Tegg, Head of Marketing, Chester Zoo

Get your candidates hooked

We’ll create a dynamic, branded careers site for you,  Then, with just one-click, you’ll be able to distribute campaigns directly to your site, as well as to Social Media and hundreds of Job Boards.  For more targeted campaigns, you can just select the channels that perform the best.

Integrated with leading Job Boards, you can view millions of candidates directly from the platform too.

Vacancy Filler can advise on which advertising channels are best for particular roles.  We can also optimise your Adverts and with the Inbuilt multi-poster, you can easily post to all free job boards.

Candidates can view and apply for roles using a range of devices, including mobile, to submit their CV or subscribe to Talent Pools. Vacancy Filler is flexible and can accommodate many application processes.  Plus, all responses can be personalised and scheduled to send at your chosen time.

UK School Jobs
VF ATS Dashboard

Turn Hiring Managers into happy managers

It’s easy with Vacancy Filler to collaborate with Hiring Managers and stakeholders.  Using a user-friendly interface, Hiring Managers can review applications and assess, score and select for the next event, all without receiving emails and calls from stressed HR teams. With access to stylish dashboards, Hiring Managers can see campaign progression and view how applicants are moving through the recruitment funnel.

For recruiters and HR teams, Vacancy Filler’s powerful toolbox provides everything needed to assess, rate, select, shortlist, screen and interview applicants.

All inclusive, with features such video screening and self-service scheduling for candidates; progressing and managing talent along recruitment workflows has never been easier.

Turn candidates into your employees

Managing the paperwork associated with taking candidates through the onboarding process can be relentless for HR teams. However, Vacancy Filler saves hours per onboard.

All Job Offers, company forms, rejections and requests for additional details can be viewed by HR teams and Hiring Managers in real-time, so fast decisions can be made.

Integrated with HR/Payroll and business systems, the platform automatically delivers references and ensures all the captured data is safe, secure and GDPR compliant.

Responses Management
Candidate Search

Do induction right

Your candidates will be off to a flying start with our Induction module.  With a branded app that enables successful recruits to interact with their colleagues and become fully immersed in the workplace, they’ll feel part of the team – even before their first day.  They’ll have access to whatever company documentation you choose to share, such as company policies, training guides, even your upcoming company social events!  It’s a great way to reduce the risk of first day no-shows.

We provide, essentially, a digitised Induction Check-list, together with a whole host of features that will reduce the workload for HR teams and Hiring Managers.

An engaging candidate journey from beginning to end

From the moment they hit your careers site to view vacancies, all the way through to induction, Vacancy Filler drives a candidate journey that’s branded and fully automated.

Our customers tell us this all the time.

In short, it’s the hidden engine that powers an amazing, personalised and engaging experience for your candidates.

Custom Application Forms
BI Reporting

Turn dry data into visual reports

Rubber stamp recruitment strategies, analyse trends, set KPIs for the entire recruitment cycle and forecast for future talent, by unlocking the data captured by the Vacancy Filler platform.

With shiny custom dashboards and the ability to easily slice and dice data, HR teams can get insight and measure campaigns, sources, agency performance and costs.  It’s also simple to generate granular reports on areas like time to hire, cost to hire and drop-offs.

First impressions count

Employer branding stretches across the whole recruitment process, so it’s pretty important that it’s consistent across the entire candidate journey.  From careers site and campaigns through to communications, letters and forms, managing this is simple with Vacancy Filler.

We give users the power to design communications such as forms, emails and SMS, with simple to use tools.  We can do this together. In fact, every day and for every campaign, we protect your brand.

If you have multiple branding guidelines for Groups and Company Hierarchy, you can create templates, forms and communications to suit.

Missguided Careers

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